We prepare handmade gifts, personally and home accessories, typical products from Tuscany and small antique objects. We also offer hats with natural decoration in tuscan style, with lavander taste and the colours of the ripe wheat, knitted bags and shoes, pillows, tableclothes knitted on a hook and many other small secrets inspired by Tuscany.



You will find traditional products as biological olive oil, flour grounded with stones in old technology, handmade tuscan pasta, the famous wines from the region of Chianti, Montepulciano and Val D’Orcia.

We have honey from the colours of lavander and rosemary. Also here is the famous tuscan chestnut honey which the local producers move alone the beehives in the nearest forest, and an exclusive honey from corbezzolo/ arbutus/ from the colours of a wild plant which grows only in some parts of  Tuscany and Sardinia.

You will need a small spoon from olive tree to enjoy the honey with saffran or  the special honey with white truffle.

Don’t miss the cream with balsamico and white truffle- a special taste not to forget for a long time of you add it to your salad or a local cheese.




When we speak about cheeses we have a lot of products to taste. One of the most famous cheeses in the world is Pecorino di Pienza. We have it growed in wine or with pieces of  black truffle. Don’t miss also stagionato- well grown. Broken large pieces in irregular shape are real gold on the plate because of their extraordinary noble taste.

You can take at home in wooden box the famous salami from wild boar. Add the feeling from the delicios food with the local wine Vin Santo. The sweet wine is prepared by special old technology and growned for a long time from small producers in the region.




And the most important – learn one of the best kepr secrets of Tuscany, a walk through the stone streets of  small medieaval villages with it’s old walls. In the castles you will firnd the traditional houses and ancient towers that are now a home of local people.